Furma Ecological Living Farm


“An ecological farm that produces with love

and that is one with the healing power of nature.”

Our farm takes its name from a kind of olive that is special to the Karaburun peninsula. The “hurma” olive matures by fermenting on the tree’s own branch and can be eaten without the need for any process. The hurma olive is called Furma by the locals here.


We live on the Furma Farm with the enthusiasm of giving back to nature what we take from it. Instead of fighting with it, we observe it with interest and affection and accept the beauty it provides us with a feeling of gratitude.


We provide you with a peaceful and rejuvenating seaside holiday

on this breezy hillside of the Karaburun peninsula, where social distancing happens naturally.

             At the Furma Farm you can,

              Swim at our beach which is only 500 metres away,

              Use our large and breezy yoga platform, that is surrounded by olive trees, for physical activities,


             And gain experience about ecological farming activities by observing the work during working hours.



We thought about all the details that would help provide a peaceful and rejuvenating experience to you, when designing our rooms. They were prepared after detailed and meticulous cleaning, just as we did for our own living spaces.


  • We are closed until the 31st of  May 2022.


  • A  %10 deduction is made in weekly accommodations and 25% deduction is made in monthly accomodations.

  • Prices are valid for minimum stay of 2 nights,

  • Credit card is not accepted in the farm.

  • Remaining days are paid in case of early release.

We accept a limited number of guests during the summer only. Our prices are valid for two nights or more. A 50 per cent increase is added to the price for one night stays.




       From time to time and based on the needs of the farm, we accept applications from volunteers who want to experience and learn about sustainable living.   

  •  Only applications through www.tatuta.org are evaluated. Please contact us before applying to find out if we are accepting volunteers at the given time.

  • The volunteers, which are accepted in limited numbers, are expected to think of the farm not as a workplace or a holiday camp, but as a school that is focused on learning.

  • Our farm is work-based and does not promise socialising.


 Contact information

Adres:   Furma Çiftligi

              Kolca mevkii, 16/1, Bozköy, Karaburun, İzmir

Tel:         +90 532 481 85 05

Email:     sadantutuncu@hotmail.com


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